Mass release of AMD's Socket 939 processors little bit later than expected

Posted on Thursday, February 19 2004 @ 21:24 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
It appears that AMD will only ship 10,000 Athlon 64 Socket 939 processors during the second quarter of this year. So it appears that these will not be wide spread until the thirth quarter of this year.
AMD has its reasons, we are sure since these 939 babies should be very competitive with dual channel DDR memory controllers.

It seems that there will be some motherboards in early Q2 that supports these nice CPUs but all motherboard manufacturers will have to fight in a market where there are only 10K CPUs.

Via and Nvidia might have just enough chipsets for 939 motherboards but it would not make much sense to make many of these boards since you could easily end up with much more motherboards then CPUs.

So even in Q2, the main focus still goes to socket 754 whether you like it or not. Athlon 939 will unfortunaly remain a rare bird in Q2.
Source: The Inquirer

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