Scythe Ninja Copper Cooler tested

Posted on Monday, February 11 2008 @ 0:01 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
X-bit Labs has published a review of the Scythe Ninja Copper processor cooler:
However, times passed, cooler makers designed and released new products that already started to outperform the Scythe Ninja (Scythe actually launched their Infinity cooler as well), and the copper Ninja was nowhere to be seen. The stimulus for the Copper Ninja to be finally released was Scythe’s 5-year anniversary, so they decided to commemorate it with a limited edition of new Ninja coolers featuring copper heatsink rib array instead of an aluminum one. Experienced overclockers may be a little skeptical about replacing aluminum heatsink with a copper one. Besides, I also wouldn’t expect a tremendous cooling efficiency boost from that. Nevertheless, Ninja Copper is indeed unique, and a few other interesting innovations made in it are totally worth our closest attention.
Check it out over here. The reviewer says this is a great cooler that's perfect for silent or overclocked systems but that the installation on LGA775 processors is a bit inconvenient.

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