CpuIdle 6.0 Beta 3

Posted on Saturday, September 07 2002 @ 17:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
CpuIdle is a CPU cooling and power management software.
CPU cooling will help you achieve these things:
  • decrease CPU temperature
  • enhance stability
  • enable overclocking (overclocking increases temperature- CpuIdle gives additional headroom) increase CPU life (a decrease by 10°C doubles the life span)
  • cut power consumption computer
  • Added in Beta 3:
  • added Fix Audio option on the Athlon chipset settings (might fix VIA audio issues on some boards)
  • Download : CpuIdle beta 3 for Win95/98/Me (437KB)
    Download : CpuIdle beta 3 for Win2000/XP (460KB)

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