Apple unveils new Power Mac G5 desktop line, with dual CPU 2.5GHz systems

Posted on Wednesday, June 09 2004 @ 18:58 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Today Apple launched a new Power Mac G5 desktop line, with all models including two CPUs and some running as fast as 2.5GHz. The 'older' line of Power Macs use processors running at 2GHz.

The 2.5GHz modls are planned to ship in July, while models with two 1.8GHz and two 2.0GHz processors are available for launch immediately.
Apple introduced the system about a year ago and previously the least expensive model had only 1 1.6 gigahertz microprocessor. The system prices now start at $1,999 and run to $2,999, while the previous range began at $1,799.
Source: Reuters

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