NVIDIA and VIA to announce new platform on Thursday

Posted on Tuesday, June 03 2008 @ 17:33 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
NVIDIA and VIA have formed a partnership and according to FUD Zilla we can expect a formal announcement on Thursday. The site says NVIDIA and VIA will unveil a new platform with the VIA Nano processor and a small nForce-based motherboard from NVIDIA. Just like Tegra this new platform will compete against the Intel Atom platform but this platform is x86-based so it will have a much better chance to combat the Atom in the ultraportable notebook market.
This marriage of convenience will be announced on Thursday and Via will tell the world that Nvidia prepares a small board based on an Nforce-like chipset for its Nano CPU.

This new platform should directly go after Atom, and it will be X86 compatible, which means it will be able to compete against Atom, side by side.

Nvidia's new platform will play HD content far better than Intel, but just like Intel it is doomed to suck in gaming; but to be fair to Nvidia, it will get a bit faster than rather rusty old 945GC.

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