Doom III recommended system requirements by PC Gamer + first review

Posted on Wednesday, July 14 2004 @ 21:48 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here are the recommended system requirements for Doom III, defined by PC Gamer:

2Ghz CPU
512 MB ram
Radeon 9800
5-channel audio
Lowest supported GPU is a Geforce 4 MX (worse than Geforce 3)
Supported graphics cards: GF 4 MX
GF 3
GF 4
GF FX (and higher)
ATI 8500s, 9000s and higher

And here are some of the conclusions of their review:
- Highs: Extraordinary graphics and sound; incredible tension, atmosphere, and mayhem.
- Lows: Some stabs at humor fall a bit flat.
- Bottom Line: Just as we'd hoped, it's a non-stop ride of tension, carnage and terror. A new classic.
More information can be found in the September edition of PC Gamer, they rated Doom III 94%!

Someone has posted the review online: you can find it here

Source: Doom3maps

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