PHP 4.2.3 Released

Posted on Sunday, September 08 2002 @ 15:16 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The PHP group has released v4.2.3 of PHP :
PHP 4.2.3 has been released with a large number of bug fixes. It is a maintenance release, and is a recommended update for all users of PHP, and Windows users in particular. A complete list of changes can be found in the ChangeLog.
PHP 4.2.3 can be found here
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Version 4.2.3

  • Enable UTF8 modifier support for PCRE on win32. (Wez, Edin)
  • Enabled strcoll() on win32. (Markus)
  • Fixed possible ASCII control char injection in mail(). (Stefan Esser)
  • Fixed a potential crash bug in import_request_variables() (Zeev)
  • Fixed several problems with directory functions on Windows. (Steph)
  • Fixed xbithack bug in Apache module. (Rasmus)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented touch() from working on various platforms. (Steph)
  • Fixed ob_gzhandler()'s handling of requests that do have the Accept-Encoding header, but do not allow compression. (Zeev)
  • Fixed several bugs in the multithreaded version that could cause random parse errors, especially on machines with multiple CPUs. (Zeev, Zend Engine)
  • Fixed a build problem in bcmath. (Alan)
  • Fixed several bzip2 issues. (Andrei, kalowsky)
  • Fixed several COM issues. (Harald)
  • Various exif fixes. (Marcus)
  • Fixed domxml_xslt_process() and domxml_get_element_by_id() and several other issues in DOMXML. (Christian)
  • Fixed DOMXML crash on removing previously created attributes. (Christian)
  • Fixed crash when converting $GLOBALS to an object. (Zeev, Zend Engine)
  • Fixed ImageCreateFromGD2Part() (Jani)
  • Fixed a build issue in the IMAP extension under IRIX. (kalowsky)
  • Fixed a bug in imap_last_error() (Jani)
  • Various mbstring fixes. (Yasuo, Rui)
  • Fixed a build problem in the mcal extension. (Jani)
  • Made MySQL rollback open transactions when the request ends. (Georg)
  • Fixed a crash in the shutdown order of the ODBC module. (kalowsky)
  • Fixed PCRE build problems. (
  • Fixed a crash in pg_lo_write() (Yasuo)
  • Fixed posix_isatty() and posix_ttyname(). (Markus)
  • Fixed accidental pg_lo_import() API change. (Yasuo)
  • Fixed ereg_replace() crash when the backreference number was greater than the number of captured subpatterns. (
  • Fixed array_rand() on thread-safe platforms such as Windows. (Edin)
  • Report the right exit code after a call to exit(). (Edin)

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