OCZ announces introduction of OCZ Memtest86 v1.00

Posted on Friday, October 29 2004 @ 22:55 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
OCZ Technology Group announced today the release of the OCZ Memtest86 v1.00 memory test program.

The OCZMemtest86 v1.00 has been built onto the core of the newly-released Memtest86+ v1.27 memory test package. OCZ Memtest86 v1.00 contains enhanced feature sets, a comprehensive support platform fully compatible with both the latest and old-generation chipsets as well as providing many unique options.
Built onto the core of newly released Memtest86+ v1.27 package, the OCZ Memtest86 v1.0 package contains the following additional functionality:

* Timing adjustment support for nVidia nForce2, Intel i865/i875, Intel i915/i925 chipsets, and the AMD Athlon64 on-die memory controller
* Full timing adjustment is available on the nForce2, i865/i875, and i915/i925 (DDR1 modules only) chipsets (tCAS, tRCD, trp, tRAS).
* Partial timing adjustment is available on the AMD Athlon64 and the i915/i925 chipset using DDR2 modules. All timings except CAS latency can be set.
* More AMD64 specific options for fine-tuning the memory controller also known as “Alpha Tweaks.”

At this point we are not able to implement CAS adjustment on the Athlon64 as the memory controller can lose stability and lock-up if the CAS latency is changed after initial boot-up. Likewise, the i915/i925 chipset memory controller that handles DDR2 also exhibits a loss of stability when CAS latency is changed after initial boot-up.
OCZ Memtest86 v1.00 can be found here

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