Corsair P256 SSD is very fast rebadged Samsung

Posted on Friday, Apr 10 2009 @ 17:57 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
LegitReviews is the first website to review the Corsair P256, this 256GB SSD uses a second-generation Samsung controller. This disk turns out to be very fast, it offers average read speeds of 196.6MB/s, burst read speeds of 234.1MB/s and average write speeds of 165.6MB/s in HD Tach. Random read/write performance was tested with HD Tune Pro, the Corsair P256 does a lot better than disks with a JMicron controller and the reviewer says he didn't experience any stuttering in real world testing. The SSD had low access times and achieved an average write speed of 1.15MB/s with a transfer size of 512 bytes and an average write speed of 8.98MB/s with a transfer size of 4KB.

The reviewer mentions the Corsair P256 is a rebadged version of the Samsung PB22-J MMDOE56G5MXP-0VB, but this isn't a bad thing as this Samsung SSD is only available to OEMs. The Corsair P256 will be available next week for $749, which is a bit more than a third cheaper per gigabyte than a Intel X-25M 80GB. Unfortunately there's no direct comparison with the Intel SSD, but the reviewer says there will be a follow up article next week as Intel has something new in store.
In the end the it turns out that the Corsair P256 Solid State Drive is nothing more than a re-badged Samsung PB22-J 256GB SSD. There is nothing wrong with this though as numerous companies re-label products and call them what they wish. I am actually glad that Corsair is selling this drives under their name as the Samsung PB22-J 256GB SSD is only available to OEMs since Samsung doesn't sell its SSDs direct to the consumer. This means that Corsair is the first company to bring this product to the consumer market and it will be a big deal as you can see that performance is amazing on this SSD...

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