Review : Abit IT7 MAX2 (845E)

Posted on Tuesday, September 17 2002 @ 11:19 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
TBREAK has reviewed Abit's IT7 MAX2 (845E) motherboard :
The IT7 MAX2 is more of an update to the original MAX than a whole new board by itself. The original MAX was pretty different from everything else and the removal of PS/2 ports made some people happy while other cribbed about it. With the IT7 MAX2, you now have the option to go either way. The addition of Serial-ATA is great however, its the inclusion of Serillel that makes the IT7 MAX2 stand out from the other boards that feature Serial-ATA as you can actually use the Serial-ATA bus! Last, and certainly not the least, overclocking kicked ass on this board- we're still in awe of the 235MHz FSB.