Fastest mobile Clarkdale is 2GHz Core i7 920XM

Posted on Monday, Aug 24 2009 @ 17:58 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
FUD Zilla reports Intel's fastest mobile Clarkdale chip will be the Core i7 920XM, this processor will have a 2GHz clockspeed for all four cores with hyperthreading, but the turbo mode can push one core all the way to 3.2GHz.
As we said many times before Turbo can overclock one, two, three or four cores and it pays attention on the maximal TDP that cannot be exceeded. The CPU supports DDR3 1333 has 8MB cache and 55W TDP.

A 55W TDP is insanely high but that is the best you can get from high performance quad-core. The launch time should be last week of September.

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Re: Fastest mobile Clarkdale is 2GHz Core i7 920XM
by Anonymous on Monday, Aug 24 2009 @ 22:37 CEST
2Ghz is too slow. The Quad core Extreme Core 2 runs @ 2.53 and is also capable of "turbocharging" 2 cores if the other two are not being used by up to 2 speed grades, meaning that the current chip can run 2 cores @ 2.8.

Clarkdale can't keep up, and is really only better in memory bandwidth which will have next to no impact on most apps.

It would be like comparing the 3.2 Quad Core Duo to a I7 920. You'd find the 3.2 would pretty much blow the doors off the I7.

This will be hidden by "system" improvements in the chipset that give overall better performance, but make no mistake, the mobile I7's of the first generation are going to be very poor performers till they lower the process size and get more powerful, yet cooler chips in late 2010.