Google Chrome OS demonstrated (11m video)

Posted on Friday, November 20 2009 @ 20:54 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here's an eleven minutes long video that shows off some of the features of Google Chrome OS:

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Re: Google Chrome OS demonstrated (11m video)
by Anonymous on Saturday, November 21 2009 @ 2:57 CET
I guess i had too high hopes for this one. Its the bootfast Linux kernel. (no easy module hooking) Allthough really good, what point is there? I mean i can as we speak just maximize chromium (chrome for linux) and get the same experience..... how is this different. If this is a fight about brand name, google will fail. Even though they are bigger, the established distros, (and especially the big five) will have a greater dev team unless google wants to pay billions. People might be inclined to write commercial apps for this at first, but it will fade as they realize as anything that they use that thouches the GPL stuff in the OS it might hurt. (even if that isnt even true) and development for the plattform dies.

My guess is that this ends up with the stack of failed OS's es as the os cant even store and use from local drives yet.

Viva all the great dead desktop OS'es: In order of introduction, and not death. GEM(mostly a DE i know but it was good), OS/2, AmigaOS (kind of still lives but delivered by Hyperion), BeOS (got nothing more to say about it than it was the most awsome experience ive ever gotten of a 49mb iso on a CD, also its leacy is HaikuOS) And ofcourse windows NT... No not the derivatives 3.52 was just without a doubt a good OS.. but it never saw home consumer use untill about more than a decade later. It got beaten by microsofts own cold chilling marketing of win95. But it was better in every respect. *honroable mentiion*: Atari ToS, it sucked, yeah but i bet you cant find many OS's in that area as "full blown".