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Posted on Saturday, January 09 2010 @ 17:01 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Shuttle unveiled mobile solutions based on its new notebook ecosystem at CES 2010:
At the press conference, Shuttle revisited what it means to innovate and formally introduced to media, partners, and customers worldwide its new product lines that are made possible by its new business strategy. Shuttle executives, including Mr. David Yu, Founder and Chairman, Mr. David Chen, President and CEO, and U.S. and headquarters top management discussed how the company will revolutionize the computer industry with the new Shuttle notebook ecosystem, and enable for the first time, true standardization across the notebook industry.

"Nothing is more exciting in business than creating together," said Nicolas Villalobos, Manager at Shuttle Computer Group in Los Angeles, "This coming year, I really look forward to working with the many existing and new partners as we continue to innovate around our new Shuttle notebook ecosystem."

With the new notebook ecosystem, Shuttle is fueling a new way of designing notebooks. Shuttle's new ecosystem creates a notebook standard based on a standardized motherboard, similar to that of the desktop industry, which minimizes the time and cost required to create a new design. With key barriers to entry removed by the new ecosystem and notebook standard, Shuttle is enabling smaller local OEMs and brand names to step foot into the notebook market.

The notebook ecosystem allows for a horizontal integration for Shuttle, which in contrast to the vertical integration of current ODM companies, results in more platform choices for customers – eight to choose from instead of the usual three to five. These affiliated partners, which include ID design houses, tooling and mechanical vendors, and EMS and key components suppliers, are also pre-qualified as part of the Shuttle Qualified program, assuring the product quality of the notebooks.

With partners in every phase of the notebook building process in the new ecosystem, Shuttle is able to offer a full supply chain, a complete platform line, more ID solutions, and flexible delivery terms from complete system or barebone to SKD or CKD. At the same cost or less as existing ODM companies, local OEMs gain flexibility, customization, and most importantly, standardization by building a solution based on the Shuttle notebook ecosystem.

The Shuttle notebook ecosystem features two product offerings, SPA or SPA (Micro SPA), designed for a complete line up of entry-level and mainstream notebook products. SPA series motherboards are standard motherboards meant for mainstream notebooks from 13.3" and above in size, and feature power-saving integrated graphics or performance-oriented discrete graphics. SPA (or Micro SPA) series motherboards are standard motherboards geared towards entry-level notebooks from 10.1" and above in size, featuring power-saving integrated graphics.

SPA and SPA notebook products consist of a complete platform line and ID solutions. Platform options include Intel, AMD, and VIA chipsets and to start, there will be eight platform choices for SPA and SPA. And with seven different screen sizes and 20 ID solutions to choose from in 2010 and more to come in 2011, the available product combinations based on the new ecosystem easily be in the hundreds. For local OEMs, this increases the product options exponentially.

Along with its new SPA and SPA (Micro SPA) notebooks, Shuttle will be introducing its new notebook innovations – iPower Technology. These new technologies are designed to enhance the user experience with Shuttle SPA and SPA (Micro SPA) based notebooks.

The iPower series of technologies include iPower USB (charges USB device while notebook is turned off), iPower Xcross (allows easy switching between over clocking mode and power-saving mode), iPower Charger (charges up to 3x faster than average notebooks), iPower On-Screen (auto detection of external monitor), and iPower GXT (graphics card docking station). With an increase of up to 9x better graphics performance, the iPower GXT not only provides the increased performance when needed, it also can extend the lifetime of the notebook.

To ease the notebook ordering process, Shuttle has created a new online notebook ordering system to allow customers to log in and build their ideal notebook. The eSPA website is scheduled to roll out in March 1, 2010, and will be available for ordering at .

"Our new ecosystem approach enables the creation of a new breed of notebook business model for local OEMs, enabling them to gain market share," said David Chen, President and CEO at Shuttle, "With the new notebook standard, local OEMs will have more control over the product design and overall cost, resulting in a product that's more market competitive than ever before. It's a game changing strategy and we're confident in our coming business growth."
You can find some photos of Shuttle made laptops at Engadget.

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