Microsoft to launch bunch of patches on February 8

Posted on Saturday, February 05 2005 @ 23:03 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
On February 8 Microsoft plans to launch a major set of patches. This includes nine Windows updates, with at least one rated as critical.
Also in the update bundle will be a "moderate-risk" update for Microsoft's SharePoint Services and Office; a .Net framework update rated "important"; a "critical" update affecting Office and Visual Studio; and a "critical" update affecting Windows, Windows Media Player, and MSN Messenger.
More info at PC World

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Re: Microsoft to launch bunch of patches on February 8
by Anonymous on Sunday, February 06 2005 @ 4:44 CET
MS security.... BUT.... to get the secuity patches, means enabling all the Active X blocks and other bits and pieces, that all the MALICIOUS sites and coders use to fuck your machine...

I have to turn off all my security settings in my firewall to get the updates.. How fucked is that?