Review : Samsung Syncmaster 171P LCD

Posted on Thursday, September 26 2002 @ 5:35 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
GideonTech has reviewed the Samsung Syncmaster 171P LCD monitor :
Overall, the experience with this unit is mind blowing. Not only are all colors displayed bright and crisp, there are options to use a digital connection with a fully turn able screen. Add to the fact that the unit was designed by Porsche, you have a winning combo. The 171P is a 17inch viewable unit which is comparable to a 19inch CRT monitor. With the benefit of more desk space when using a LCD, the unit is also only a fraction of the weight of a 19inch.

The only downside after reviewing this unit is the price. It retails for close to $1000 which may turn away some people. Although that is the case, we do stress this is a high end model with style and performance in mind. If Samsung could update their printed instructions as well as finding a way to have removable video cables, they would have a unit that would be on the top of every LCD fans list.

Review Link : GideonTech

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