Electric current can boost your math skills

Posted on Monday, November 08 2010 @ 2:10 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Researchers at Oxford University discovered that passing a low electric current through a specific region of the brain can double your ability to do mathematics for up to six months:
They believe in future the technique may help people with dyscalculia, or "number blindness" – the mathematical equivalent of dyslexia.

But it is important to get the wiring right. If the electricity flows in the wrong direction it has the opposite effect, creating a person with a poor head for figures.


Volunteers who received the right-left stimulus reached double the level of performance in the tests compared to the non-stimulated group after just a few sessions, the scientists reported in the journal Current Biology.

In contrast, those stimulated with a left-right current saw their performance drop to about the same level as six-year-old children.

Students who received a fake "placebo" stimulus had results that fell half way between those of the other two groups.
More info at BBC News.

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