TSMC to manufacture 28nm AMD Southern Islands GPUs

Posted on Monday, November 22 2010 @ 20:24 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
FUD Zilla reports AMD will continue to use TSMC for its 28nm Southern Islands GPUs as the firm does not yet want to risk transferring the production of these ultra complex chips to GlobalFoundries:
At this time the only manufacturer of AMD’s 28nm graphics is TSMC and Southern islands looks to be TSMC exclusive. AMD doesn’t want to risk and do the production of these ultra complex chips in GloFo, at least not with its first 28nm generation and we suspect that AMD doesn’t have enough resources to do two separate 28nm designs for TSMC and GloFo.

This is quite a good news for Nvidia, as the company has a much closer relationship with TSMC and it won’t have to worry that GloFo will come out with a miraculous chip.

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