US to ban space billboards

Posted on Sunday, May 22 2005 @ 2:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The Federal Aviation Administration proposed to amend its regulations so it can enforce a law to ban 'space billboards'. Currently it lacks the authority to enforce such a law.

The FAA said that objects placed in orbit, if large enough, can be seen by people all over the world for long periods of time. Outsized billboards placed into low Earth orbit can appear as large as the moon, they claim.

Source: Reuters

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Re: US to ban space billboards
by Anonymous on Sunday, May 22 2005 @ 10:53 CEST
If true, what right do the FAA have to ban these put up by other nations. What gives the FAA the right to control what is placed into orbit?

  • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, May 22 2005 @ 13:26 CEST

    Get real! the USA has and always will do as it pleases. (in the name of rightness and goodness of course) Just ask George. ;-)

    • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, May 22 2005 @ 14:34 CEST

      Its true the USA does not have any rights over the orbit but i think such crazy ideas "space-billboards" should be banned, i mean can you imagine been on a African safari and looking up to see a an advert, I am next will have the bloody sunshine covered and every time a bill board goes past will av a mini solar eclipse.


      • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, May 22 2005 @ 14:49 CEST

        I remember seeing a comic strip in a comic called 2000AD - It had an advertising system that used a laser to show ads on the surface of the moon. Cool. But haven't you all heard? There are no countries outside the US! And even if there are, they don't matter do they? Sorry, I seemed to have suddenly become American. Bugger.

  • Reply by Anonymous on Sunday, May 22 2005 @ 19:20 CEST

    Obviously the same right that the US thinks they have to aggressively intervene in other countries politics and policies.

    The 'Might is Right' syndrome has seemed to have been unilaterally adopted by the US and, more worryingly, they seem to be getting away with it !

Re: US to ban space billboards
by Anonymous on Monday, May 23 2005 @ 4:12 CEST
I do not believe the FAA has any authority in the global picture but they do have control over aviation issues in the USA.

Consider for a moment that the USA is the only country in the world that is both a) extremely consumer driven and b) capable of putting billboards in space. If it were allowed I am sure that as soon as it was financially viable, Coca Cola or Pepsi would be one of the first to "launch" their campaign, closely followed by McDonalds.

As for making the billboards less ecliptic, you could employ some form of stain-glass window approach that would only slightly dim the sun as the billboard passed over.

I wonder if anyone has given thought to the annoyance NEON lit billboards would create for astronomers.