The Paranoia of Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Posted on Tuesday, May 24 2005 @ 16:28 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
I understand that it’s necessary for MPAA and RIAA to put an end to piracy for obvious reasons, but they have taken some extreme steps in the past. For example, I remember when the RIAA sued a 12-year old girl. Even after knowing that the girl and her divorced mother could not pay the amount RIAA was asking for out-of-court settlement, they kept pushing the family.

As a result, a few online communities donated and ultimately gathered enough money to pay the fine and support the family. It’s actions like these that sour a good cause. I am certain that majority of you would want to compensate the musician and those involved in the process fairly (the same applies to MPAA), and I also understand that RIAA and MPAA are losing their fair share of revenue due to piracy. But there are better ways of dealing with Digital Rights Management than harassing children and senior citizens who are probably not aware of what they are doing or why it is wrong. Read more at CoolTechZone

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