Avexir reveals four DDR3 memory series

Posted on Saturday, August 27 2011 @ 13:28 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Caseking announced the availability of four DDR3 memory lines from Avexir; Green, Budget, Standard and Blitz.
Avexir may be an unknown brand in these areas of the world, but is already present in the market since 2006. The products of the memory specialist are available immediately at Caseking. The assortment currently consists of four series - the „Green“, „Budget“, „Standard“ and „Blitz“ which range from 2 GB to a monstrous 16 GB, but will be expanded considerably in the near future.

As a consumer oriented company, Avexir Technologies Cooperation always listens to the continually growing fan base, taking their suggestions and wishes seriously. From the affordable „Budget“ and „Standard“ series to the „Blitz“ family of memory, you will find something for everyone from Avexir.

The „Blitz“ series is perfect for the needs of the gaming community, but also enables smooth and worry free productivity when using it in a professional environment. For this, these modules office offer various XMP-Profiles which allow the user to choose what suites their needs through the system BIOS. On top of this, the “Blitz” series ships with high quality heatspreaders made of solid Aluminum.

To offer a constant quality base, Avexir hand tests 100% of all components used to produce the memory. The „Blitz“ series is no exception and also offers a stylish design perfect for enthusiasts. The first „Blitz“ modules run at 1333 MHz with up to 12 GB capacity, while additional, faster modules will follow shortly.

Even with the extra quality and performance benefits, the memory modules offer an excellent price range. This is further underlined by the „Standard“ series from Avexir. These turn out to be potent units also viable for the overclockers. The assortment currently ranges from 4 to an amazing 16GB kit which utilizes two high-capacity 8GB modules.

The „Green“ series offers the perfect balance between price and energy efficiency, while still managing the best possible performance and reliability. These modules run at their rated speed with a mere 1.35 Volt instead of the standard 1.5 Volt and are available from 2 to 4GB.

The „Budget“ series is ideal for entry level systems, which are intended for office applications or surfing the web. Regardless of the name, the modules still offer the same compatibility and reliability as the bigger brethren and should be a perfect fit for System Integrators. The „Budget“ series is also available in 2 and 4 GB capacities.

These products from Avexir are available immediately on www.caseking.de. An overview of the brand and the available products can be found here: http://www.caseking.de/avexir. The product range will be expanded with faster kits and modules in the coming weeks.

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