AMD Bulldozer may arrive this week

Posted on Monday, August 29 2011 @ 22:03 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
ZD Net reports AMD's Bulldozer may finally arrive this week:
At the annual Hot Chips semiconductor conference last week, AMD provided some new details on the innovative Bulldozer architecture behind both the FX Series for desktops and new Opteron server processors.

The new processor includes four Bulldozer modules, each of which contains eight AMD64 cores, and an integrated memory controller. What makes the Family 15h design different, though, is that each module shares several components including a front-end (fetch and decode), floating-point unit, data prefetch unit, and 2MB of L2 cache. AMD’s Sean White said the shared units made it possible to pack more cores on a smaller die and to increase the horsepower of the floating-point unit. “The gist of what AMD is trying to do is use the area and the power in the cores as efficiently as possible,” White said.

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