Review : Lian Li PC-6089 Aluminum Case

Posted on Tuesday, October 01 2002 @ 13:08 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Explosive Labs has reviewed the Lian Li PC-6089 Aluminum Case :
Just the name "Lian Li" brings up images of aluminum cases because they are very popular and one of the first aluminum case makers. Lian Li is getting to be a household name because everyone knows about them or have heard of them. It seems they are constantly coming out with new models at a very fast pace. Their cases appeal to enthusiasts looking for good looks. Because most people know of or at least have heard of Lian Li, I won't go into much depth about their past, However if you would like further introduction on Lian Li I would highly suggest reading our previous Lian Li PC-601 review. The future is now and today we had a chance to take a look at their aluminum case dubbed, "PC-6089".

Review Link : Explosive Labs

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