Intel only delays dual-core mobile Ivy Bridge processors

Posted on Sunday, February 19 2012 @ 20:55 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
VR Zone has an update about Intel's Ivy Bridge rollout. Earlier this week it was reported that mass availability of Ivy Bridge processors was delayed to June due to high inventory levels of Sandy Bridge processors, but according to the site's sources the delay only applies to the dual-core mobile Ivy Bridge parts.
As you may or may not have read, Intel is planning to launch several quad core Ivy Bridge mobile processors, in fact, we're expecting more quad cores mobile processors this time around than ever before. We're not entirely sure as to which models will launch first, but we know for certain that it'll be the socketed CPU's that will appear in April, although judging by Samsung's leak last week, it looks like some of OEM BGA chips will also be part of the initial launch.

The dual core models are being held back as there's simply too much stock of Sandy Bridge in the channel. What's even worse, at least if you're Intel, is that there's plenty of stock piled up in its warehouses too that hasn't even shipped to partners as yet. As such the first dual cores won't start to trickle out until sometime in May at the earliest and this applies to both standard Voltage and ULV models. In other words, we won't see any updated Ultrabooks until May or June.
The site also mentions that mobile Core i3's may not arrive until sometime in August or September.

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