Half of Smart TVs remain disconnected from Internet

Posted on Friday, February 24 2012 @ 14:14 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
A NPD study cited by TechNewsDaily found that only 47 percent of smart TVs, televisions with Internet capabilities, are actually connected to the Internet. Cancelling pay TV services in favor of Internet TV may become a a hit in the future, but it seems pay TV firms don't need to worry just yet.
"People are buying connected TVs, but they are not all using them," said Norm Bogen, vice president for digital entertainment at research firm NPD In-Stat. In fact, according to a survey that In-Stat shared exclusively with TechNewsDaily, only half of all people who own Internet-capable TVs have actually gotten them online.

Instead, they continue to use the set-top box from their cable or satellite company to access live TV or video on demand, said Bogen.

And among people who are connecting their TVs, many features go unused. "I think that people like some aspects of smart TVs," said Paul Gagnon, the director of North America TV research In-Stat's sister company, DisplaySearch. People use TV for vegging out, he said — mainly by streaming video. They don't often use features that require them to be active. "Social networking and games — those are pretty lightly used," he said. "People type on laptops and mobile devices."

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