Review : Thermaltake Volcano 9

Posted on Thursday, October 03 2002 @ 11:54:18 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PCA has reviewed another cooler ; the Thermaltake Volcano 9 :
What can I say? I know you guys are thinking "oh no!" not another Volcano 9 review! I have seen this heatsink reviewed more than any other in the history of PC's so I figured why not add one more review to the pile! As many of you already know Thermaltake Volcano 9 is a pretty interesting HSF. It has a 3 function 80mm smart fan, with a heatsink made up of aluminum with a copper core. Pretty much your standard HSF when looking at it. Has a smooth looking Orange fan and a nice grill on it also. Now that I've bored you enough lets move on to the disection of this...

Review Link : PCA