Choosing the right HDTV

Posted on Thursday, June 23 2005 @ 0:56 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Designtechnica has posted a howto on choosing the right HDTV. Here's a snip:

High-definition television: Why bother? Surely HDTV is a plaything for the rich and self-indulgent, some cryptic form of digital television designed for Freemasons, just one more ridiculously overhyped and overpriced technology aimed at parting care-worn folk from their hard-earned cash. Right?

Wrong. The analog television standard we've been using since just after World War II is ludicrously obsolete. It was designed for round-cornered five-inch pictures that were mere portholes compared to the big screens that today's home theater buffs demand. Trying to build a home theater system around 1948-vintage technology is like riding a horse in the slow lane.

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