BIOS Option Of The Week - DRAM Read Latch Delay at TechARP

Posted on Sunday, December 02 2012 @ 16:46 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
This week TechARP reveals the details of the DRAM Read Latch Delay BIOS feature, you can read about it over here.
This BIOS feature is similar to the Delay DRAM Read Latch BIOS feature. It fine-tunes the DRAM timing parameters to adjust for different DRAM loadings.

The DRAM load changes with the number as well as the type of memory modules installed. DRAM loading increases as the number of memory modules increases. It also increases if you use double-sided modules instead of single-sided ones. In short, the more DRAM devices you use, the greater the DRAM loading.

With heavier DRAM loads, you may need to delay the moment when the memory controller latches onto the DRAM device during reads. Otherwise, the memory controller may fail to latch properly onto the desired DRAM device and read from it.

The Auto option allows the BIOS to select the optimal amount of delay from values preset by the manufacturer.

The No Delay option forces the memory controller to latch onto the DRAM device without delay, even if the BIOS presets indicate that a delay is required.

The three timing options (0.5ns, 1.0ns and 1.5ns) give you manual control of the read latch delay.

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