Apple files patent for motion-control Mac mice and wind power storage

Posted on Friday, December 28 2012 @ 17:07 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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TechCrunch reports Apple filed a patent for a new Mac mouse that would turn the device into a light version of the Wii Remote. The patent describes tilting, tilt-sliding, lifting and other gestures that would be supported by the mouse. It's unknown if Apple plans to use this patent for an upcoming product.
In a second filing published today, Apple is back on track with its more consumer-oriented patents, this time detailing an evolution of the mouse that would bring more gesture controls to the input device. The additions would allow a mouse to detect tilting, tilt-sliding, lifting and other gestures to add additional command capabilities to the mouse’s basic clicking, movement and scrolling. It’s sort of a Wii Remote-lite, which is likely an easier control paradigm for traditional desktop computer users to adopt than anything more drastic.
In a second filing published yesterday, Apple detailed a concept for gathering electricity from a wind turbine and converting it to heat energy stored in a "low-heat capacity fluid". This would make wind power available on a more "on-demand" basis.

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