NVIDIA Tegra sales hit by competition from Qualcomm LTE chips

Posted on Monday, April 15 2013 @ 15:02 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Speaking at NVIDIA's annual analyst day last week, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang commented that the company's Tegra business will be flat this year. Huang attributes the lack of growth to heavy competition of Qualcomm's SoCs - which come with built-in LTE - and admitted that NVIDIA was caught off-guard by the fast transition towards LTE.
Nvidia has reacted to the LTE equipped competition’s popularity by pushing back the launch of its Tegra 4 chips in order to use the resources to prepare the Tegra 4i, with integrated LTE, more quickly. The decision has delayed the introduction of Tegra 4 chips by a quarter, but on the other hand Tegra 4i development has been brought nearer to completion by nearly half a year, according to CEO Huang.

At the investor presentation the Nvidia CEO said “The LTE marketplace is growing faster than any transition that has happened in wireless. It was important for us to engage that marketplace as quickly as possible. We decided we'd sacrifice the schedule of Tegra 4 by a quarter so we could pull in Tegra 4i by more than two.” He concluded, firmly “That was a good decision.”

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