NVIDIA: Kepler and Maxwell to change mobile SoC market

Posted on Monday, April 15 2013 @ 15:29 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Speaking at the company's annual investor day, NVIDIA's mobile business senior vice president Philip J. Carmack claimed that Kepler and Maxwell are going to substantially revolutionize the mobile SoC market by delivering GPGPU computing capabilities:
“Not only then will you see this first Logan being the first case of an integrated Kepler in a mobile device, allowing you to do what you saw on the Kayla system earlier, […] but you will see a whole family of products over time. This will allow us to take our advantage of GPUs across the entire spectrum. […] Being able to take that [GPGPU] competitiveness and have this weapon of the visual computing that comes from our GeForce, Kepler GPU and just follow on Maxwell is key to our ability to really change the game for people,” said Philip J. Carmack, senior vice president of mobile business unit at Nvidia, at Nvidia’s annual investor day conference, reports Seeking Alpha web-site.

Nvidia’s next-gen Tegra 5, code-named Logan and due in 2014, will feature ARM Cortex general-purpose processing units as well as Kepler graphics processing unit with support for GPU computing, Direct3D, OpenGL 4.3 and so on. With a graphics processor capable of general-purpose processing on GPU, Nvidia will offer a breakthrough in performance and capabilities.
Full details at X-bit Labs.

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