Zalman Reserator 3 MAX nanoliquid cooler shown off

Posted on Tuesday, Aug 20 2013 @ 10:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Zalman announced the Reserator 3 MAX, a new watercooling solution that uses a special cooling fluid that uses nanoparticles to increase the thermal conductivity. The Reserator 3 MAX is a rounded waterblock with an integrated pump and a small, round radiator that features a blue LED fan. According to Zalman, the cooling solution can handle heat outputs of up to 400W, but the company doesn't mention at what delta-T. In Germany, the Reserator 3 Max is currently sold for around 99.90EUR.
While Zalman is being quiet on exactly how the technology works, it claims to have added particles smaller than 100 nanometres to the fluid in the sealed-loop cooler. These, Zalman claims, improve the thermal conductivity of the liquid - although, again, beyond claims of nanotechnology it isn't talking specifics.

The waterblock, meanwhile, uses a micro-fin layout to speed heat transfer to the coolant with a total of 125 0.19mm fins sticking up into the flow of liquid. An integrated high-performance pump can shove said liquid through the system at a claimed 90 litres per hour flow rate.

The Reserator 3 Max's radiator measures 120mm x 145mm x 79mm, while the waterblock measures 70mm x 85mm x 37mm with the total kit coming in at 897g. Zalman claims the cooler offers a noise level of between 18.9 and 36.7dBa, depending on how fast the PWM-controlled fan is spinning. The kit includes mounts for all current Intel and AMD socket types, and comes with 1g of ZM-STG2M thermal grease.

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