Review : Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 128MB

Posted on Monday, October 07 2002 @ 14:37 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
PCreviewSpot has reviewed the Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 128MB :
Hercules has always been regarded as a very high-performance video card manufacturer. They have always produced high-quality, cool looking, and very overclockable video cards around Nvidia’s chipsets… wait a second, if Hercules builds video cards around Nvidia chipsets, then why do we have a Hercules 3D Prophet 8500 128MB for review today? Well, the answer lies within some poor relationships when the PowerRV Kyro II was first introduced. Hercules decided to produce Kyro II video cards, and Nvidia decided not to sent Hercules any more chipsets. Wow, that’s harsh.

Review Link : PCreviewSpot

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