Intel to present Magpie, Paxville, Twincastle and Foxton at Hot Chips

Posted on Friday, July 22 2005 @ 18:05 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
The EE Times writes Intel will provide details about some of its upcoming processors and techniques at the upcoming Hot Chips conference. The conference will also include four presentations on the Cell processor, held by IBM and Toshiba engineers and smaller companies and startups will also discuss their work regarding configurability and multiprocessing.

Intel is expected to present five papers including the following subjects:
  • Magpie - described as a real-time milliflow aggregation processor
  • Paxville - the upcoming dual-core Xeon processor
  • Twincastle - the chipset for the dual-core Paxville Xeon
  • Foxton - a dynamically optimized power saving technology from Intel.

    The Hot Chips conference will take place on August 14-16 at Stanford University. More details at EE Times.

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