ThermalRight HR-22 delivers passive CPU cooling

Posted on Tuesday, October 29 2013 @ 14:01 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
ThermalRight presents its HR-22, a new massive heatsink that promises to passively cool your processor. The heatsink measures 150mm x 120mm x 159mm (L x W x H) and weighs 1120g! It has a nickel-plated copper base, eight 6mm diameter heatpipes and 35 aluminium fins. Unfortunately, the specifications do not reveal the maximum thermal load that this heatsink can handle. ThermalRight only mentions that you can cool down the latest high-end AMD and Intel fans purely on case airflow generated by system fans, without requiring a CPU fan.
The HR-22 is Thermalright’s super flagship cooler and accumulation of over 10 years of thermal innovation and technology. Design based on our new Directed Passive Airflow System, the HR-22 from the ground up was designed for 0 CPU Fan passive cooling.

What is DPAS?
DPAS is a comprehensive system of optimizations that takes total advantage of the natural airflow current within an enclosed PC-case. It is the accumulation of heatsink technology that works together to orchestrate PC-case airflow for maximum passive CPU heat dissipation.

Our Directed Passive Airflow System contains specific design guidelines for:
  • Heatsink Fin Gap
  • Heatsink Fin Shape and Patented Fin Through Holes
  • Heatsink Structural Shape and X/Y Axis Displacement

    Thermalright Proprietary Airflow Tunnel Add-on Kit
    With our Directed Passive Airflow system, the HR-22 can cool down the latest high-end AMD and Intel systems purely on case airflow generated by the system fans. And in fact letting PC users (sorry Mac!) eliminate the need for one of the noisiest component in your PC chassis (CPU FAN)! You think other sound/noise/silent optimized coolers have a chance? Try beating 0dBA!

    Axis Displacement: Heatsink Body Axis Displacement, no Interference with PCIE Slot 1 and RAM Slots on ATX or Micro ATX Boards.

    Aerodynamic Fin Design: HR Series Patent Through Holes, with Advanced Radial Alignment, for enhanced directed airflow and extra Heat Dissipation Surface Area.

    Airflow Tunnel: Proprietary Airflow Tunnel add-on kit for a 5-10% performance increase in Passive Cooling mode.

    Area of Effect XL: 40% Larger Heat Dissipation Surface Area than it's predecessor, and largest Heat Dissipation Surface Area to date among Thermalright Heatsinks.

    8X Premium Copper Heatpipes: Eight 6mm fully Sintered Copper Heatpipes, ideal for high TDP cooling usage.
  • ThermalRight HR-22

    ThermalRight HR-22

    ThermalRight HR-22

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