Unique Hardware Components in Mobile Devices

Posted on Friday, May 16 2014 @ 16:52 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Although smartphone and mobile device manufacturers say that hardware and software are inseparable, it would be interesting to know which unique hardware articles are beneficial for mobile gaming. Hardware on mobile devices is characterized as anything tactile. This means that these are tangible mechanisms that can be seen and felt. From the tiniest screw to the touchscreen glass, every component is important and all these are assembled internally and externally in every mobile device. Given below are some unique hardware tools.

Antenna Switch
This button is situated in the Network Section of mobile devices, it's made of metal and non-metal materials. It's main function is to turn the unit on and off. Once the antenna switch gets faulty, the device becomes useless, as this is responsible in powering up the device.

Random Access Memory (RAM)
Besides storage memory each mobile device also contains RAM. It functions as a temporary memory that houses files, games and apps. It also sends and receives commands as dictated by the operating system. The RAM is a small chip or set of chips that are inserted into the smartphone or tablet and functions powerfully in gaming.

Cell Phone Charging IC
The cell phone charging IC is an extra small chip attached to the motherboard that functions as a receiver and sender of current as transmitted to the charger in order to acquire charging from the battery. Gaming consumes a lot of battery; therefore, this small piece of metal is of great importance. Charging a mobile device is common practice not only for gamers but all users alike.

Audio IC
The Audio IC is a small chip responsible in sound production. This can be controlled according to loudness and softness. Sound control is essential in mobile gaming because this serves as signals or indicators to a gamer apart from HD graphics.

Mobile Device Accessories
Mobile device accessories fall under the umbrella of hardware because these are tangible items that provide an improved gaming experience. Other than that, smartphone users also use these accessories for entertainment purposes. A wide variety of accessories are out in the market today, however most common of these are headsets, speakers, plastic housing, screen protectors, wireless earphones and car chargers.

Almost all devices have the same hardware components therefore; it is difficult to decipher which among these mechanisms are considered unique. Perhaps, the best way to identify these miniature tools is through their functionality and importance. It is worth noting that all the components found in every mobile device work hand in hand in order function appropriately. Accessories and add-ons are also there to provide better gaming experience. These enhancements are considered helpful especially for hardcore gamers who use this site: http://www.bingoonmobile.co.uk for mobile gaming.