Cooler Master to launch first kinetic cooler later this year

Posted on Monday, January 12 2015 @ 16:33 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Hexus has some more information about that kinetic heatsink concept from Cooler Master which uses technology from CoolChip, a startup founded in 2010 by a pair of MIT engineers.

The kinetic cooler radically changes cooling concepts by turning the heatsink into a fan. The technology promises better power efficiency, up to 20dB quieter operation than traditional heatsinks, improved cooling capacity per unit volume and improved cooling capacity per unit weight.

Cooler Master said they're launching a kinetic cooler product later this year. This product will target mid-level gaming system and will have "no big premium" over a standard HSF.
Later this year CoolChip and Coolermaster will launch a kinetic cooler product aimed at mid-level gaming systems. It is promised that there will be no big premium over a standard heatsink plus fan setup. "Cost was a key consideration" in the design and production plans insisted Sanchez. The firm is serious about its coolers becoming mass market devices. This and the simple business side of things lead it to partner with Coolermaster to gain economies of scale for production and access to Coolermaster PR resources.
Here's an old video from CoolChip showing off the kinetic cooling concept:

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