Zotac shows off its ZN970 Steam Machine

Posted on Wednesday, March 04 2015 @ 10:11 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Zotac showcases its SN970, a new Steam Machine based on its ZBOX E-Series EN760.
ZOTAC is pleased to announce the birth of the next generation gaming platform - the ZOTAC SN970 - to unhook PC gaming from the desk, and unleash the combined power of PC and Steam on the TV. The ZOTAC SN970 builds upon the already powerful gaming ZBOX E-Series EN760, which itself can be a DIY Steam Machine, to provide something even more powerful with a fully refreshed design. The ZOTAC SN970 will be fully packed to bring about high quality gaming experience for gamers, and we are very excited to finally get rolling! With a discrete NVIDIA GTX 970M graphics, preloaded with SteamOS, and bundled with the brand new Steam Controller, this platform is ready to game from the get go.

"The ZOTAC Steam Machine is the first in the foray of PC gaming away from the desk, and we have dedicated our efforts in designing the perfect gaming system that will define the next generation. We are equipping the ZOTAC Steam Machine with Intel's 6th generation CPU and a discrete GTX level graphics card with NVIDIA's latest Maxwell GPU to provide gamers the means for an incredible visual experience. Each component is carefully selected and tested to ensure the greatest optimization, and we will strive to ensure users game with the best," reveals an excited Jacky Huang, Director of Product Management, ZOTAC International.

We invite you to tune in to Valve's Steam Machine announcement at GDC on Wednesday, March 4, to get a glimpse of the exciting new future of gaming.
Zotac SN970

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