Star Citizen damage model shown off (video)

Posted on Monday, March 09 2015 @ 11:13 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
Roberts Space Industries reveals the new damage model of Star Citizen, it certainly looks very impressive and is more detailed than anything we've seen before. You can read more about the damage model over here.
With our new damage technology now in place, we continue to strive for even more realistic and efficient methods to push our graphics in all areas. We’ll be adding more effects under the skin of the ship as gaping holes are revealed, adding touches like sparks on damaged equipment under the skin. Several lighting and particle setups are being prototyped to take our ship interiors through Healthy, Damaged, Critical and Flatline states that will inform and immerse our players during battle. Our new state machine being developed called GOST, will determine the healthy (or unhealthy) flow of energy around the ships systems and will have a big impact on our multi-crew interactions and the effect of ship damage on them.

Given the complexity of our largest ships, that are really like floating levels, big questions remain about hull breaches and how to portray critical damage in the vacuum of space and how this will affect players inside. And optimizations in all areas will allow us to add more and more players simultaneously to create massive multiplayer battles. We are very pleased and excited to be releasing this first iteration of our newly optimized damage technology and hope the players feel the same.

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