Intel shows RealSense 3D in 6-inch smartphone

Posted on Wednesday, April 08 2015 @ 18:44 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Over at the Intel Developer Forum in China, the chip giant showed off the latest version of its RealSense 3D technology. This camera technology has depth sensing and can be used for gesture control as well as scanning and recognition of objects and people.

At the forum, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich showed off a 6-inch smartphone with the technology, illustrating the viability of incorporating RealSense 3D in today's consumer electronics. Krzanich didn't do a live demonstration of the technology though, perhaps it still needs further tweaks.
The new module is significantly smaller and slimmer than the previous version, has a lower thermal output, and claims to have a longer detection range as well. As such, Intel's able to fit it into a 6-inch smartphone prototype, though Krzanich, an exec known for taking risks with live demos, didn't turn on said device on stage.
Intel RealSense 3D

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