Cryorig teases new HSFs and PSUs at Computex

Posted on Wednesday, May 27 2015 @ 13:34 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Cryorig send out a press blast with details of some of the products it will showcase at next week's Computex show.

First up is the C7, a low-profile cooler with a height of under 53mm. It features four 6mm copper heatpipes and a 92mm fan.
The C7 is designed to be a “fit anywhere, cool anything” low profile cooler. Thanks to it’s total height of under 53mm, it is just as small as the Intel stock cooler, but comes with so much more. With stagger total of four 6 mm copper heatpipes and a full proprietary 92 mm 600~2500 RPM PWM fan with Quad Air Inlet™ technology, it may be small but has all the making of a high-end CRYORIG cooler. The C7 fits both Intel 115x and modern AMD sockets, and basically any case on the market. If the system can fit the stock Intel/AMD cooler, then it will not only fit the C7, it should be upgraded to the C7 immediately.
Cryorig C7

Cryorig C7

Next we have the M9i (Intel) and M9a (AMD), these are small coolers for entry-level PCs or systems with size constraints.
Continuing where the CRYORIG H series left off, the CRYORIG M line features even more choices for entry level PC’s or systems with size constraints. The M9 features three high quality U-Type nickel-plated copper heatpipes. The M9 will come in two flavors, the M9i is for Intel 115x systems and the M9a for modern AMD sockets. The M9 is targeted at budget systems or slim systems which need the cooling power of a tower cooler. It is a good balance of price, performance and size.
Cryorig M9

Cryorig M9

Cryorig will also be showing off the Z1 Universal, a round shaped cooler that reminds me a bit of some Zalman coolers of old. This HSF has a heatsink allignment inspired by jet engine turbines. The picture below shows it without fans, two are supported.

Z1 Cryorig

The company also shared that it will be showing off its A40, A40 Ultimate, and A80 processor coolers as well as the Pi series power supplies.

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