TSMC plans to incorporate EUV on its 5nm node

Posted on Monday, Jul 20 2015 @ 15:05 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Besides progress on the 16nm, 10nm and 7nm nodes, one of the other interesting talking points during TSMC's quarterly conference call was the discussion of EUV lithography.

TSMC said progress is being made on EUV, there are still technological challenges but the foundry believes the tools will be stable enough by the end of this year to start EUV development. The foundry is planning to incorporate EUV lithography on its 5nm process node, the window is still open to do it on 7nm but President and Co-CEO Mark Liu says this is unlikely to happen. TSMC will exercise EUV using the 7nm node though.
Eric Chen (Analyst - UBS):
Okay. And my second question I would like to go to Dr. Chang. And first on the EUV, how about the EUV, the schedule for 10-nanometer process? Some people talk about the window is closed. And how about the EUV for 7-nanometer process?

Morris Chang (Chairman):
I will pass the question to Mark.

Mark Liu (President and Co-CEO):
The window is not closed. We work very closely with ASML , and fiber is not without challenges. And we made very good progress on the source power as well as on the photoresist, and the mass inspection solution appears more likely. However, the current technology's challenge is more on the mask of the EUV technologies that is currently actively working with ASML .

On the tool stability, we have criteria for the working team to reach a certain target, and that target is likely to reach by the end of this year. And then we will start development using EUV tools.

As you can see in our 7-nanometer development schedule, that probably will not use EUV, but we are planning to exercise EUV using the 7-nanometer technology. And currently, we are planning to use EUV at 5-nanometer, but of course, it does depend on certain developmental milestones to be reached. And it has a good benefit from our assessment on the 5-nanometer that reduces a lot of many masking layers and increases a lot better control for the 5-nanometer.

Eric Chen (Analyst - UBS):
Okay, so let me clarify. Even for the 10 nano the window for the EUV for the 10-nanometer process is not closed yet.

Mark Liu (President and Co-CEO):
For 7 as I say we will exercise EUV on 7 nanometer. And we will plan our EUV on our 5-nanometer technology.

Eric Chen (Analyst - UBS):
But not for 10. Okay, thank you. Okay, thank you very much.
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