Rumor: AMD prepping next-gen console chips with 5x the performance/Watt?

Posted on Friday, November 13 2015 @ 12:14 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
AMD logo
WCCF Tech heard from a source that AMD has plans to provide chips for the next-generation of consoles, which may arrive as soon as 2018. The company reportedly believes it's a strong contender to supply the next round of consoles with its APUs, which promise to offer five times the performance/Watt off the current generation.
AMD believes it is a very strong contender to supply the next round of APUs – which considering the history, isn’t a bad assumption at all. The company is confident that its GCN architecture will be able to achieve at least 5x the performance/watt of the current generation, resulting in much more powerful consoles, with approximately the same power draw. They have also mentioned other focuses this time around which I will be going over shortly. The company has plans to provide said chips by 2018 to console manufacturers – which can also be interpreted as the timeframe for the arrival of next generation consoles.
One of the key features of the next generation of consoles may be virtual reality gaming.

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