Huawei to make its own flash memory and mobile GPU?

Posted on Monday, December 21 2015 @ 13:08 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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VR Zone picked up rumors that Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei has plans to develop its own flash memory and GPU for use in future smartphones.

The firm's high-end smartphones already use custom, ARM-based Kirin SoCs and the development of an in-house GPU would allow the company to ditch the ARM Mali graphics core. The flash memory will reportedly be developed in cooperation with a major memory maker:
As some of you may know, Huawei already uses its custom Kirin SoCs in its high-end smartphones. With the development of its custom GPU, the company will no longer have to rely on ARM Mali GPUs. For building its own memory chips, Huawei will reportedly be partnering with major memory manufacturers such as Samsung, Micron, or SK Hynix. While Huawei may very well be able to come up with its custom flash memory in a year or two from now, the custom GPU will most likely take a lot longer than that.

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