ATI's R5xxx GPU roadmap - R520 XL to arrive in September

Posted on Thursday, August 18 2005 @ 12:05 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Here's some information regarding ATI's new GPU roadmap. One of the remarkable things is that the R520 still has no definite name. Even the specifications aren't certain yet but we can tell you ATI is planning to launch four R520 versions. In early September they will bring the R520 XL to the market. This is probably slowest R520 card and it features a single slot design, just like NVIDIA's GeForce 7800 GTX.

By early October we'll see the R520 XT. However, this card will feature a dual slot design, just like the R520 XT CrossFire which is slated for mid-October. There is also a R520 Pro but the launch date of this card isn't known yet. AnandTech believes R520 cards will appear stores in November.

ATI's CrossFire is now slated for September with the launch of Master Card editions of the X850 and X800 graphics cards.

And by late September ATI plans to launch both the RV515 Pro and RV515 LE, low-end single slot GPUs. APG versions of the RV515 are also planned with ATI's Rialto bridge.
  • 450MHz Core Clock
  • 800MHz Memory Clock
  • 256MB Maximum Memory Support
  • 128-bit Memory
  • 4 Pipelines
  • Maximum 16x16MB 2.5ns GDDR2
  • By late October we can expect the RV530 LE and RV530 PRO. At least one of those two will support CrossFire
  • 600MHz Core Clock
  • 1400MHz Memory Clock
  • 512MB Maximum Memory for "XT"
  • 256MB Maximum Memory for "Pro"
  • 128-bit Memory
  • 12 Pipelines
  • Maximum 16x32MB 1.4ns GDDR3

  • ATI High Performance Roadmap
    Core Name Slot Width Launch Date
    R520 "XT" Crossfire Dual Slot Mid October
    R520 "XT" Dual Slot Early October
    R520 "XL" Single Slot Early September
    ATI Mid and Low Performance Roadmap
    Core Name Slot Width Launch Date
    RV530 Crossfire Single Slot Late October
    RV515 "XL" Single Slot Late September

    More details at AnandTech

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