Intel's Yonah and Sossaman will have VT

Posted on Wednesday, August 24 2005 @ 18:12 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
Yesterday Intel confirmed at the IDF that the mobile Yonah processor, and its low-power Xeon derivative Sossaman, will feature Virtualization Technology (VT) support.
Sossaman takes Yonah and adds dual-processor support, along with a 36-bit physical address bus to allow the chip to handle up to 64MB of physical memory - typically 400MHz ECC DDR 2, connected via the E7520 'Lindenhurst' chipset Intel expects Sossaman to be used with. That said, the E7520 supports only 32GB of RAM.
More details about Yonah and Sossaman at The Register

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