How to Unlock Your Smartphone

Posted on Sunday, Mar 19 2017 @ 15:45 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Unlocking your smartphone handset is often necessary. Perhaps you have found a much better deal on a different mobile network, or maybe you’re hoping to sell your handset on and know that having it open to any network will certainly increase its sale value. But, unlocking your handset can also be a pain – with several different methods of doing it and various policies and procedures regarding unlocking different handsets depending on the network. So, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you ensure that the process of unlocking your smartphone runs as smoothly as possible.

Is Unlocking My Smartphone Legal?
Yes! By choosing to get your smartphone unlocked, you are doing nothing wrong. Having a smartphone unlocked to any network is perfectly legal in the UK, although, it’s important to bear in mind that if you are switching networks whilst still tied into a contract with another network, you will need to either continue paying the monthly fee or come to a settlement agreement.

Is My Smartphone Locked?
If you have only ever used your smartphone with the same network provider, then you may not actually be aware of whether or not it is locked or unlocked. This will usually depend on where you first purchased your handset – if it was bought directly from the network, then it will more likely be locked. But, it’s always good to check first – determining whether your phone is unlocked or not is simple. All you need to do is insert a SIM card from another network – you can pick these up at most supermarkets or electronics shops cheaply, or even order one free of charge online from various networks. If you are able to use your smartphone as normal with a different SIM inserted, then there’s no need to do anything – it’s already unlocked.

Ask Your Network:
If you have inserted a different network’s SIM card and you can no longer use your phone to text, make calls or use 3G or 4G, then you can usually be sure that your smartphone is locked to a certain network. Although mobile phone networks are not legally required to unlock your handset, they are sometimes willing to do so, usually depending on the length of time that you have been using their network. Some networks will charge a small one-off fee to unlock your phone.

Mobile Unlocking Services:
If you cannot get any luck with your network when it comes to unlocking your mobile handset, or if you don’t want to pay their unlocking price, then you might want to consider third-party mobile phone unlocking services. However, before doing so, you should always ensure that having your smartphone unlocked by a third party does not void out any warranty or insurance that you have. Be sure to do plenty of research before choosing a reputable smartphone unlocking company.

Unlocking your smartphone gives you the freedom to change between networks, save money, and eventually sell your smartphone on for a better price when you upgrade.