Intel Coffee Lake may be compatible with LGA1151 motherboards

Posted on Monday, April 24 2017 @ 21:34 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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Just one more quick post before we close the Monday news edition on DV Hardware. Benchmark scores of what is believed to be a 3.5GHz Intel Coffee Lake chip showed up in the SiSoft Sandra benchmark database. If the chip is correctly identified, it has six cores, six threads, 1.5MB L2 cache (256KB per core) and 9MB L3 cache. You can check out the scores over here.
The reduced amount of cache seems to scream at a disabled chip, but this could also be a case of a reporting error. The fact that this chip only presents six threads is probably indicative of a Core i5 processor with 6 physical cores, if Intel's past line-ups are anything to go by (with its i7 line being separated form the i5 by, at the very least, the inclusion of Hyper Threading.) If true, this really is to be Intel's first mainstream-segment 6-core chip (while AMD now offers us 6 cores and 12 threads in the same price bracket, at least.
Because the benchmark score uploaded used a 200-series motherboard, this leak also sparks speculation that Coffee Lake may be compatible with current 200-series (and perhaps even 100-series) motherboards after a BIOS update. This is unconfirmed at the moment.

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