Two more Vega 10 device IDs spotted in AMD Linux drivers

Posted on Thursday, May 11 2017 @ 12:40 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
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AMD rolled out a new graphics driver for Linux and Phoronix discovered it contains new Vega 10 GPU references. The site discovered two new Vega 10 device IDs, 0x6864 and 0x6868, which brings the total to nine.
Nine device IDs for Vega 10 is less than the 12 IDs present for Polaris 10 albeit more than the one Fiji ID and the same number as Polaris 11. Keep in mind this doesn't translate to the number of Vega graphics cards we'll necessarily see as some are reserved in case of future revisions, used for pre-production / engineering hardware, etc. Nevertheless, it will be exciting to see what the Radeon RX Vega line-up looks like when it launches in the weeks ahead and given the number of device IDs, hopefully we'll see multiple Vega products launching.
eTeknix did some more digging and speculates AMD is working on a watercooled dual-GPU Vega-based video card:
The following lines of code suggest the involvement of liquid cooling, with the temperature limit adjustment.

table->Tliquid1Limit = cpu_to_le16(tdp_table->usTemperatureLimitLiquid1);

table->Tliquid2Limit = cpu_to_le16(tdp_table->usTemperatureLimitLiquid2);

These two lines suggest that it is a dual-GPU part since there is a PLX present. A PLX chip bridges multiple components and every dual-GPU video card utilizes one onboard. This allows two different Graphics processors to work together, while driving a single signal to the PCIe slot.

table->FanGainPlx = hwmgr->thermal_controller. advanceFanControlParameters.usFanGainPlx;

table->TplxLimit = cpu_to_le16(tdp_table->usTemperatureLimitPlx);
According to the latest rumors, we may hear more about Radeon RX Vega on May 16.

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