DV Hardware needs your help, new reviewers wanted!

Posted on Sunday, August 28 2005 @ 18:22 CEST by Thomas De Maesschalck
DV Hardware requires lots of work and I'm spending multiple hours a day posting news and searching the web to find hot new articles. In the past I used to write a couple of reviews a month but nowadays I just can't find the time to do it anymore. So I'd like to ask our visitors if there's anyone interested in doing reviews for DV Hardware?

However, there are a few requirements which you must meet:

  • You need to be able to write fluent English articles. Thousands of people will read your work so you need to be able to write clear and descriptive articles. You don't need to be the next Shakespeare, but you need to be able to express yourself well by using a clear language. You may also apply some humour, that's a plus
  • To write reviews for DV Hardware you obviously need some basic PC knowledge. For example, to review power supplies and processor heatsinks you need to be able to install these into your system. Then you also need to be able to measure voltages and temperatures. Voltage are preferable measured with a voltage meter instead of programs like Speedfan.
  • You need to be able to test stuff, and indicate what you like or dislike about it.
  • You need a digital camera to take pictures.

    The review samples will always be provided by me. You don't need to buy anything yourself but you're always welcome to write reviews of hardware or consumer electronic devices you recently bought. Most of the review samples you get you will be able to keep for free. You may either keep them or sell them to other people.

    To become one of our reviews you'll need to provide me with a sample of your abilities. Pick out something you recently bought and write a review about it, including pictures. If it's good enough, I'll give you the chance to become one of DV Hardware's new reviewers!

    I can't predict how many products you'll need to review per month, but lets say 2 to 4 on average. But of course you're always allowed to refuse them. You are not obliged to review x number of products a month to stay one of our reviewers. And before I send you a product to review I will always first e-mail you to ask whether you are interested in reviewing it.

    So if you are interested in becoming one of DV Hardware's reviewers please send an e-mail to thomas.dm@dvhardware.net
  • Your name, full address and telephone number (I need this to ship review samples to you).
  • Your full PC specifications, I need this to determine whether you are capable to review certain products. If you have an AMD processor for instance then you won't be able to review an Intel HSF.
  • A review of a product you recently bought. (This may follow later).

    Thomas De Maesschalck

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