What Kills the Experience of Mobile Forex Trading

Posted on Friday, Nov 17 2017 @ 20:02 CET by Thomas De Maesschalck
There was a time when the world was going gaga over the concept of mobile banking. Then the sudden spike in mobile shopping had everyone dropping their jaws. But today, when we mention mobile trading hardly anybody blinks. This shows how far we have come in our use of technology.

The thing with online trading is that everyone expects it to be mobile friendly. With so much talk going around mobile responsiveness, online trading platforms are also expected to be mobile responsive.Well, the truth is that they are. The most popular mobile online trading platforms like http://www.fxpro.co.uk/trading/tools/for-mobile are ready to help you in your trading experience.

However, there are a few things that can dampen the mobile trading experience.

1. Bad Network Connectivity
You can have the most highly rated mobile trading platform available with you. But if you do not have good network connection, it is hardly going to make any difference. There are certain zones where we know the mobile network seems to drop dead like in elevators, in underground parking lots, in particular sections of your favourite coffee shop. These dropped connections can really disrupt your trading manoeuvre and kill the whole mobile trading experience. It can also leave you with a bad taste with a trade going wrong.

2. Execution Time Lag
Although the mobile trading platforms are mobile friendly, you have to remember that they were written for the PCs. The code that is then repurposed or modified for mobile devices is also written and tested on a PC. So, there is always a chance that the mobile trading platform takes some time to execute things. This lag in execution time can really frustrating. Nobody likes to see that small circle going round and round in circular pattern to indicate that the process is in progress.

3. Unexpected Costs
It need not be mentioned that online trading platforms are going to need internet connectivity on your handheld device to work. If you are using a limited internet package plan then you might have to rethink it. You may have to opt for an internet package that gives you more usage option as well as higher speed. This can add to the costs which you had not contemplated earlier.

4. Incompatible Mobile OS
If you are still using a smartphone with an older version of OS then you may have to get it upgraded to the latest one. Most mobile trading platforms are compatible with the latest operating systems in the market. This does not mean they do not work with older versions. But you may notice glitches every now and then. You may also not be able to use the full extent of features made available to you with the platform.

5. Limited Features
All types of features are not made available for mobile trading. For example, expert advice may be available with a desktop version but not with the mobile version. This can again be a real mood spoiler. The set of features for desktop and mobile version can be different.